Victoria Bushfire – How to help


Many of you will have seen the devastation in Victoria, Australia over the past few days. There are many ways YOU can help our friends down under. So many have lost everything. Donations of money are required to get immediate help to those affected and then for the longer term there are other ways we can help. Please click the link above to see what you could do.

Many thanks


Favourite Things No.1

I love my home. Although we don’t own the house we live in, we rent it ,(because we are only living temporarily in Holland), it is still a beautiful large and spacious house. There are a number of items around our home which I love, they are things picked up on our travels around the world or are gifts from loved ones. Things which you would hate to lose, or damage. I thought it would be nice to share a few of those things over the coming months.

One of my most favourite items is this


I bought it with some money left by my maternal Grandparents, which in itself makes it a treasured item.


There is a shop in Singapore called Framing Angie, and when we lived there, I would spend so much time walking around an admiring all the beautiful items in her shop. She and her team have incredible talent with taking ordinary items and framing them so they look extraordinary. One day we were in the shop organising to get an aboriginal piece of art framed which we had brought back from some travels to Australia, when these Peranakan hair pins caught my eye. I fell in love and they have taken pride of place in each house we have lived in since then. Apparently they are nearly 100 years old and are made from bronze jade, and the wealthy Paranakan women would have had long dark hair which they would pin up with hair pins like these. LOVE them!