Supermarket shopping

Supermarket shopping isn’t high on my list of fun activities, it is so uninspiring. But the other day, I found a couple of cute items that brought a smile to my face.

Now, you know I made some fabric napkins the other day, because I wanted to stop going to Ikea and buying their paper napkins all the time. However my resolve was broken when I saw these on the supermarket shelves. Now my pretty fabric napkins will generally be used as everyday ones but for a treat these paper cuties can come out.

paper napkins

Then in the magazine aisle I happened upon Anna magazine. I can’t read Dutch (to be fair my spoken dutch is limited too), but the pictures were so inspiring I had to buy it.


I hope to be able to make sense of some of the instructions so i can make some of this gorgeousness.

Crocheted strawberry

Strawberry tablecloth

Now I have to dash because holiday bags need sorting, clothes need ironing and general pre holiday mayhem must commence. 

Until next time…..


Spotty table re-vamp

I had promised my daughter for a while that I would put a drawing table in the play room, she loves to draw and easily gets bored watching TV (unlike my son who has square eyes). So at the weekend when we popped to the local garden centre for a browse and I stumbled upon some spotty oilcloth, I had an idea. The Ikea toddler table could have a face lift and become the much needed place to sit and draw. 

spotty table

I cut the oilcloth a couple of inches bigger than the top and stapled it underneath with a staple gun. If you have a bigger table, that you want to look especially nice, Chez Larsson shows you how here. 

It looks great, is easily wipeable, and most of all is now in daily use.

Notice Board

I have had one of those cheap Ikea cork notice boards for ages and have been meaning to cover it in fabric. This weekend I did just that. The weather was good so I could go outside and spray the adhesive on to the board, then apply the fabric.

Cath Kidston Notice board

I chose some pretty blue Cath Kidston fabric I had in my stash and finished it off by glueing some cream and red ribbon around the edge with fabric glue.

Cath Kidston notice board in situ

It looks really pretty, now all I need to do is go looking for the pushpins so I can put it to good use.

Until next time……

Victoria Bushfire – How to help


Many of you will have seen the devastation in Victoria, Australia over the past few days. There are many ways YOU can help our friends down under. So many have lost everything. Donations of money are required to get immediate help to those affected and then for the longer term there are other ways we can help. Please click the link above to see what you could do.

Many thanks

Tooth Fairy


My son has his first wobbly tooth at last and he is delighted. 

So what’s a crafting Mum to do to make him feel that this is a special event?

Make a cute hanging pillow to keep the precious tooth safe until the tooth fairy comes and swaps it for some money, of course!

img_5832I used some fabric scraps and a piece of felt. Sewed them together with a little pocket and viola! Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long until the tooth comes out so it can be used.

Until next time….


Now before we start the photos are shocking. It was so dark yesterday and I still can’t fathom out what to do with the camera to take better shots, although I am going to find the tripod out next time to get some clearer pictures. But it’s not going to effect the light. Oh well, I will resign myself to accepting I was never meant to be a good photographer!

Yesterday the postman rang the doorbell and delivered me a wonderful surprise. I signed up for the Stocking Full o’Cheer swap and yay my partner Elaine, who lives in the US , sent me a delightful box of goodies.


I love post and I love even more boxes with surprises in them.


The stocking is beautiful, and as expected the camera doesn’t show it well.  Elaine’s has used silver thread to blanket stitch around the edge and the little angel even has a silver wire halo. The work gone into it is incredible – I hope  she isn’t too disappointed in the one I made her!



Inside the stocking were some gifts – all wrapped….


(I realise now that I didn’t photograph what was inside this tube – but there was a large pile of paper  – all different sorts, to be used in any number of craft projects)

Elaine makes charms and there was this cute charm with a boy sledging and then this cute one below which will be a sweet keepsake.

So THANKYOU so much  – it was a lovely swap to be involved with and Elaine you have made such beautiful things. Happy Christmas!


I have been busy shopping in Amsterdam today buying boots!! So I haven’t even been near the house today as it is nearly an hour away by train. Come to think of it I haven’t even cleared up from breakfast and it is now 5pm Mmmm, I really must crack on and stop playing on the computer.

Checking out my bloglines and on How about Orange she has some pumpkin ideas and has a link to this – I love it!

[proj_how_pumpsf1_aug08.jpg]I have got no time for anything else today as there is a kitchen to tidy, dishwasher to empty, drier to empty supper to get…..the list goes on. See you soon.