I can’t stop showing you!



I was cold this weekend. I spent all morning on Saturday sorting a load of no longer wanted and outgrown toys to either be sold or given away and as I am coming down with a cold, all I wanted to do in the afternoon was to sit on the sofa with a cup of tea, a biscuit and watch tv. My daughter wanted to do the same, omitting the tea for a cup of water though. So we sat and watched 2 halfs of 2 movies. We watched the first half of Lady and the Tramp until little girl got bored and wanted a change, so we switched and watched the second half of High School Musical 2. It was really nice to just loll about and relax, and snuggle under the blanket, the hex blanket just covers my legs. My daughter had to make do with a cheap ikea blanket! 


What did you do this weekend?

Until next time…….


Crochet and a successful gift

So you want to know here I do my crochet, hey?


Well I sit in this chair, mainly at night, because I like to sew during the day. ( I will show you my sewing room another day). This spot gets lots of light from that large lamp and there is also a lamp on the side table, so I can see what I am doing. I am still not sure how big I should make it, I just think I will keep going until I am satisfied that I will be snugly and warm on a chilly night. I also don’t think the hex blanket will live on the back of this chair when it is finished but at the moment I love walking into the lounge and seeing it’s splendid colourful self staring at me. 

Speaking of colourful things – this pretty drawstring bag was a hit with my daughters 5 year old friend the other day. It was her birthday and I made a headband and some hair bands in the spotty fabric. 




Until next time……

The hexagons are coming along



We are back with the hexgaons again today. What do you think? A slow start? Ah, but what you might not realise is that gorgeous Cath Kidston knitting bag above, is hiding 50 of the circles which just need the final round adding to them to make them into hexagons. 


I was going to carry on and just make the circles for a while and then have one big go at adding the final round. However I ran out of wool for the centres the other day, so whilst I waited for the yarn to arrive, (which it did today) I started crocheting them together. I love them, and they go so well with my Laura Ashley footstool, don’t you think?


Until next time….

Hexagon Addiction


To say crochet is my new and most favouritist thing is an understatement. On New Years Eve the jolly postman popped a lovely squashy package in the mailbox and it was full of wool from here YAY. I have been dreaming of making a crochet afghan ever since I had seen this. Before Christmas I had spent a few evenings using up some old wool making these.


But now this is what I have been up to during the past few evenings whilst catching up on all the TV we recorded over the holidays. (A girl has to keep up with Eastenders!) I hope to make them into a blanket like this, by Lucy at Attic 24 where she incidentally has a super easy tutorial on how to make the hexagons. 


So 23 down, rather a large number to go. Lucy made 159, which sounds a heck of a lot but I am loving them at the moment and lets hope the love affair continues.

Until the next time…..

Flowers and swapping

As promised here is a picture of the crochets flowers I made using the tutorial from Attic 24. I am now waiting for some yarn to be delivered so I can be a bit more adventurous in the colour combinations because although I like the white, I think with coloured yarn they will be gorgeous.


I have posted my goodies for the stocking full o cheer swap and when my partner receives them I will post some more pictures to show you. Here is a sneak peek.


I have never done a swap before and although it was great fun, it meant that I was distracted from doing other things which I should have been doing. I am positively useless at time management and my aim in the New Year is to improve on this….. we will see how I go.


Small Projects

I have been busy with things other than crafting the past few days, but I have made these super pocket tissue covers. I will be making a few more in some Cath Kidston material for my bag and perhaps for a fellow CK fan who lives nearby, for Christmas. They were super easy as you might expect. The pattern I used was from Skip to My Lou, and I overlapped the material at the opening because I felt that it gave a neater finish.


I have also been trying to find things to do in the evenings whilst watching tv ……. enter the crochet hook again. After a number of evenings having a go at granny squares and not understanding the instructions on the net at all, I came across this pattern and instantly, ok after watching Eastenders, produced a perfect square. Yay! (Pictures to come when there is some decent daylight!) I have since made a flower from the tutorial on Attic 24, who incidentally has a wonderful giveaway – Check it out.

Chilly Weather

The last few days have been really cold, it certainly feels that autumn is over and winter has arrived. At the rugby pitch on Saturday, some of the younger ones were crying because there hands were too cold, some of them are only 4 and they just couldn’t cope with the cold weather for an hour. I hope it’s warmer next week.


Sunday saw an afternoon filled with snow. At around 4.30pm it was still snowing but i wanted to get the children out in it – as it never usually stays for long. We had a great time throwing snowballs at my husband, even Archie the puppy loved frolicking in it.


I have been busy over the past few days trying to catch up with gift making, tidying the sewing room (again) and making the Christmas cake. I forgot to take a picture of the cake before wrapping it up for its few weeks maturing time, but when I decorate it I will show you. My Christmas cake decoration isn’t up to much because my husband likes royal icing and I can never get that smooth, so it is always a snowy mountain scene! I used Nigella Lawson’s cake recipe, which is a first for me, so I hope it is good, if i feed it enough brandy there shouldn’t be a problem though, or at least no-one will care.


To fill my time in the evening so that i am downstairs to be near the puppy and not hidden away in the sewing room, I have been teaching myself to crochet. So far I have had a go at making a cover for a biscuit tin that holds my scissors and a few other essentials near my sewing machine. I didn’t finish it off as Lucy suggested because I only noticed that I did it wrong last night, but it still looks cute. I just need to graduate on to granny squares next, because in the new year i would love to make a throw like this.

I won something!

I have never won anything before, infact I can’t remember ever winning anything. So imagine my surprise when I got an email from Katrin from Marsupialia to ask for my address because I was the lucky winner of a crochet star. It is beautiful, delicate and perfect. Katrin had also packaged it so beautifully inside a hand painted card with a beaded star and then wrapped inside with a piece of christmas red fabric. Perfect. Thanks Katrin, I promise to look after it.