Link to a Giveaway

The lovely Randi has a giveaway of some (read, loads) end of bolt fabrics scraps. As she owns a fabulous fabric shop there is sure to be some super fabrics in there. Just answer the question on her blog! I have been a winner on her blog before so this time it could be you!!


Cute Cushion

We are very fortunate to have a little money left in the holiday fund, so later in the month we are driving south to Normandy for a little break. The down side is that it will take 8.5 hours with no stops to get there. So me thinks that we should estimate a 12 hour trip with breaks and allowing for traffic.


Hence the need for a little pillow/cushion for the little travellers in the back of the car. We can hope that maybe they will drop off at one point, although my husband and I know from experience that they will only fall asleep when we are 5 minutes from our destination. I can’t recall how many times we  had to carry sleepy or sleeping children through Dubai Airport because they fell asleep as we came into land!


Any way in a bid to be strong and use fabric that I know is now considered rare and not save it for a rainy day, I cut into a yard of some Heather Ross fabric today and produced the pillow, much to the delight of my dog loving daughter.

DSC00703I am really pleased with it and that fabric is so so soft, who wouldn’t want to rest their head there?

Until next time…….

Woohoo look at my quilt block!

I have to say I am very proud, very proud indeed of my efforts for the next round in the Around the World Quilting bee. After the last attempt which was a little wonky, despite your kind words saying that you thought it was meant to be wonky, I wanted to have another go at triangles.

And whoppity do check it out

ATWQ block

Good hey? OK, you don’t have to answer, but you can tell I am impressed with myself. 

Now I just need to find time, in between making 4 aprons for the class teachers, making items to stock the shop and coping with all the crazy end of term things, to make the next block.

Until next time…….

Quilt Block

You may remember that I am part of this quilting bee. This was block number 5 on someone’s quilt. I haven’t done triangles before and realise now that I really need more practice to get them lined up right because the centre square is a little off. I think it gives the block ‘character’. I hope the recipient doesn’t mind! 



In other news I have finally added more items to the shop. Please go check it out!

I’m a winner, I’m a winner…

Yep, I’m a winner. 

A few weeks ago I couldn’t believe it when I saw my name here. There was a great deal of deep breathing required. 

Giveaway fabric

Anyway, this is what I chose to buy with my gift certificate. Doesn’t it all look so scrummy and gorgeous. I love fabric, infact, I feel I’m getting a tad obcessed at the moment, I have caught myself stroking these goodies. Do you think I have lost my mind or is it just what happens when you get such a huge pile of fabric for free?  Do let me know!

Randi is such a generous woman, please go check out her shop, she has so many lovely fabrics and her service is excellent. I will definately be going back to shop.

Thanks Randi, you made my day. xx

Until next time………