Link to a Giveaway

The lovely Randi has a giveaway of some (read, loads) end of bolt fabrics scraps. As she owns a fabulous fabric shop there is sure to be some super fabrics in there. Just answer the question on her blog! I have been a winner on her blog before so this time it could be you!!


I’m a winner, I’m a winner…

Yep, I’m a winner. 

A few weeks ago I couldn’t believe it when I saw my name here. There was a great deal of deep breathing required. 

Giveaway fabric

Anyway, this is what I chose to buy with my gift certificate. Doesn’t it all look so scrummy and gorgeous. I love fabric, infact, I feel I’m getting a tad obcessed at the moment, I have caught myself stroking these goodies. Do you think I have lost my mind or is it just what happens when you get such a huge pile of fabric for free?  Do let me know!

Randi is such a generous woman, please go check out her shop, she has so many lovely fabrics and her service is excellent. I will definately be going back to shop.

Thanks Randi, you made my day. xx

Until next time………

Making Skirts

I have been busy today making an Edith Twirl skirt from Jona at Fabritopia for my daughter for all the pre-Christmas activity that is planned. It is so pretty I can’t stop looking at it. I am strange, I know!  I will post a picture tomorrow because I forgot to take one before it got dark.

Have you seen the giveaway on Film In The Fridge? This fabulous blogger is celebrating her 100th blog and is giving away some super items if you leave a comment. So go ahead check it out and see if you can win something for christmas.

Bits and Pieces Sunday

The Sunday Brunch Jacket is nearly finished, I just have to go to the shops and try and find some suitable buttons. The pattern calls for 4 buttons, but i think I will just get 2. My daughter likes it, so I hope she will wear it – who knows though!

Sunday Brunch Jacket

I have got to finish some of the Christmas presents this week before flying to the UK for the weekend so I should be sewing up a storm.

I haven’t made apple crumble for ages – I am not sure why, especially as it is the dessert if I was stuck on a desert island I would want to have…..(I have some strange ideas sometimes – I hope other people think like this and I am not the only nutter)  Anyway getting back to the point I made an apple and raspberry crumble and served it with creme fraiche and I was in dessert nirvana! I like to add some oats to the crumble topping – it makes me think that it could be healthy if it weren’t for the butter, sugar and the essential creme fraiche.

Apple and Raspberry Crumble

Finally – There is a giveaway happening on Check it out, you never know you could be a winner. As they say in the Uk (or probably not, as i am so out of touch)  “You have to be in to win it”. Good luck.