Hot, hot, hot.

Well, I have been a bit quiet in Blogland recently, it’s generally been quite relaxed and non-productive round these parts. I think it is the weather. We are in the middle of a heatwave and although glorious, our house is extemely poorly insulated soit  is like a freezer in the winter and a sauna in the summer. It certainly isn’t making me want to sew. Mustn’t complain though, I love the blue blue skies and the warm evenings, it is glorious.

However, despite the heat, I did get these booties and hankies made quickly today before it got too warm.


They are for this wonderful project. Please click on the link and check it out, there are some special children who need your help and you don’t even have to sew.


UPDATE:  The pattern for the booties can be found here if you fancy giving them a try.

until next time…….



I have been searching for a poncho pattern for my daughter for ages and ages. I am a cheap skate and only wanted a free one, so it was taking a great deal of time trawling the internet.

Anyway, the other day I happened across this pattern, loved the colours, ordered the yarn and picked up the crochet hook a few days later when the yarn was delivered in my post box.

crochet poncho

And ta-da. Here it is in all it’s glory. I love it. It was quick and simple to make and most importantly it is loved by my daughter.


Until next time.

New items

I have been added a few more things to the shop. Please take a look, I hope you like what I have made!

Chicken Doorstop Tutorial

My stats show a number of people coming to my site via google looking for a chicken doorstop and only getting a pyramid doorstop. Now that didn’t seem right to me so I have had a bash at writing a tutorial for one of those cute and funky chicken doorstops. Hope you like it. If you have a go please let me know if there are any mistakes and I will try and remedy. Happy Sewing.




Template  – Chicken Door Stop pdf

( you need to click on the doorstop file again when it goes to the next page – you should then get the PDF to come up)

cardboard – I use an old cereal box

scissors – paper and fabric

sewing machine – although you could  hand stitch it


scraps of red and yellow felt, 

2 x small buttons for eyes, or you could sew with a dark coloured embroidery floss

rice or another suitably heavy filler that will hold your door open


Now let’s get started.

Print 2 copies of the template, and glue it to some cardboard, and cut out with paper scissors one triangle and one triangle plus the extra bit.

Using your triangle template mark out on the fabric and then cut your fabric. You need just one of these.

Now for the funny shaped pattern piece, which we will call the triangle plus piece. Fold your fabric right sides together and draw around the template and cut out. 


You fabric pieces should now look like this.


Now get the felt from your supplies and cut out free hand a beak, a wattle (the bit they have under their beak) and a comb (the bit they have on the top of their head) See here.

You should have 3 pieces (and not the 2 in the picture – oops)


Lay your beak and wattle like this along the top right of the triangle plus piece on the right side.


Put the other triangle plus piece on top and pin. Sew with a 1/2″ seam allowance


If you turn it the right way it should look like this


Now do the same for the comb on the other seam of the triangle plus piece.



Now you are going to sew the bottom on to your chicken.

Take the triangle piece and pin it along one of the long seams, right sides together. Sew. Then do the same for the side which is divided by the seam. 


It gets a bit fiddly, but don’t stress too much even if your lines are wonky it should look ok in the end.




Now you should just have only one side of your chicken open. You are going to sew along this side leaving a couple of inches open in the middle to turn him the right way round.


Now turn the chicken right way round using a chopstick to gently poke the corners out.


Stuff your doorstop with rice or something suitably heavy. Then hand sew the opening closed.


Add a couple of buttons for eyes of do some fancy embroidery ones and TA DA one super cute chicken doorstop!! 



If you don’t fancy making one of these yourself (and you really should), then check these  lovely handmade chickens out they are not doorstops but are super cute, just the same.

Completed shirt quilt

shirt quilt

Here is the Father and Son quilt all finished, washed and snuggly and used. Daddy and my son snuggled under it to watch the Harry Potter movie on Sunday afternoon. It was a much chillier day, so I didn’t have to ask twice if they wanted me to go and fetch the quilt. Movie, popcorn and cuddling up to Dad what more could a boy ask for.

The quilt is made from my son’s shirts which he had outgrown and some old shirts of my husbands. I was inspired by the talented Alicia and her book Stitched in time, where she has a quilt made from children’s old clothes.

back of shirt quilt

I love that I have made something special for him because so often I make things for my daughter and he feels left out. Well, no longer. 

Until next time………

New Shop

I have BIG news.

I have just opened a little shoppette (it is too small to call a ‘shop’) on Etsy. After some lovely emails from some supportive people, especially from Vanessa, I thought “what’s stopping me?”. So I just got on with it. 

Drawstring bag

The shop is called Heart of Holland and you can use the blue etsy button on the side to go straight to it. I will mostly be using dutch fabrics with perhaps a little Cath Kidston occasionally or some other special fabric. At the moment there is only drawstring bags for sale, and I will be making mini tote bags for little girls, aprons and bunting as well when the rest of my supplies eventually get here. 

Please drop in over the next few weeks and see what else I have added. I would love to hear your feedback.

I hope you like what you see.

Thanks for your support

Sewing seeds








I found out about the wonderful Sewing Seeds project from Randi’s blog. Her friend’s daughter Bella is going to an orphnage in Costa Rica and is collecting skirts and shorts for the children there. I thought it was such a lovely project that I have made a skirt today which is winging it’s way to the US as we speak.

Skirt for Sewing Seeds project

I hope one of the little girls there likes it. My daughter asked if the yo-yo’s were lollipops, I thought they were flowers, but either way I think they finish the skirt off nicely.

Closeup of Sewing Seeds project skirt

I used Oliver+S super easy and free, Lazy Days skirt pattern and then just added on a few yo-yo’s and embroidered some stems (or sticks). 

There is still time to join in, drop Randi an email and she will send details.

Until next time…..

A Sundress

Sew Hip Popover Sundress


I showed you this fabric here, and I have amazed myself at how quickly I have put this together. The Popover Sundress pattern is taken from May 2009 Sew Hip magazine and was designed by the talented Leisl from Oliver+S. Sew Hip is newish on the market and features some great patterns which are fresh and modern, a little different to what else is available in the UK.

Closeup of Popover Sundress

I followed the pattern exactly and added the ric-rac as suggested to the front of the dress and it looks really pretty. I just had to shorten it for my daughter because she likes to wear her dresses with leggings (“that show, Mummy!”), like so many of the dutch girls.

We are having fabulous weather still here in Holland so I am hopeful my daughter will choose this to wear tomorrow.

Until next time……

A different skirt today

My sewing machine jammed when making the apron to go with this. So today was mainly spent with screwdriver in hand and an iddy biddy cleaning brush giving the innards of my machine a good clean. There was a few choice words spoken upon the 5th time of putting it back together and it still not working, along with endless cups of tea and a few biscuits, but I think we are there now and tomorrows another day…..

Any who

Before said naughty machine played up, I made this

Pop Garden skirt

Again Jona‘s pattern. This time with Pop Garden fabric and some pretty trim I purchased a while ago and at last found a project for it. 


Until next time…….

Amy Butler Clutch

Remember I talked about a handbag I needed to show you here. Well here it is. It is from a pattern in Amy Butler’s In Stitches book

Amy Butler clutch

I’m not sure it is something I would use here in Holland. I just don’t go out anymore (ahhh! – the glamorous days of afternoon tea at the Burj Al Arab are over). So I think maybe if I was in a warm and sunny place and was going out to lunch in a pair of white linen trousers, a floaty blouse and a pair of sandals, then I think I would use it then! But not in the middle of winter, on a cold and wet day.

But it is cute and I made it.