I completed another of my Around the World Quilting bee blocks this week. The theme on this set appeared to be butterflies, so I did a little applique and was quite pleased with the outcome.

I only had one mishap on this one, when I ran the rotary cutter through the corner, so a little hasty patching had to be administered. Oops!



Woohoo look at my quilt block!

I have to say I am very proud, very proud indeed of my efforts for the next round in the Around the World Quilting bee. After the last attempt which was a little wonky, despite your kind words saying that you thought it was meant to be wonky, I wanted to have another go at triangles.

And whoppity do check it out

ATWQ block

Good hey? OK, you don’t have to answer, but you can tell I am impressed with myself. 

Now I just need to find time, in between making 4 aprons for the class teachers, making items to stock the shop and coping with all the crazy end of term things, to make the next block.

Until next time…….

Quilt Block

You may remember that I am part of this quilting bee. This was block number 5 on someone’s quilt. I haven’t done triangles before and realise now that I really need more practice to get them lined up right because the centre square is a little off. I think it gives the block ‘character’. I hope the recipient doesn’t mind! 



In other news I have finally added more items to the shop. Please go check it out!

Completed shirt quilt

shirt quilt

Here is the Father and Son quilt all finished, washed and snuggly and used. Daddy and my son snuggled under it to watch the Harry Potter movie on Sunday afternoon. It was a much chillier day, so I didn’t have to ask twice if they wanted me to go and fetch the quilt. Movie, popcorn and cuddling up to Dad what more could a boy ask for.

The quilt is made from my son’s shirts which he had outgrown and some old shirts of my husbands. I was inspired by the talented Alicia and her book Stitched in time, where she has a quilt made from children’s old clothes.

back of shirt quilt

I love that I have made something special for him because so often I make things for my daughter and he feels left out. Well, no longer. 

Until next time………

Shirt patchwork

My son has grown so tall over the past year, shirts that fitted him last summer are now showing far too much tummy! I went shopping before the holiday and bought a stack of new t shirts and he can now be happy he isn’t wearing a cropped top.

But what to do with the cotton shirts? I used to give all clothing to charity or hand it on to friends, but now I’m officially a sewer I don’t like to throw things made of 100% cotton away. 

So the patchwork shirt lap quilt was born. I used my son’s shirts and a couple of my husbands that had worn out at the cuffs and collar. (Although he did ask why one of the short sleeved shirts was in the quilt because he thought it was still hanging in the wardrobe – oops! Not too sure myself how it got in the sewing room in the pile to cut)

shirt patchwork top

It is currently 36” square and I am going to add a 5″ border in white. I think it should make a nice size lap quilt for my son then. It was a little tricky to sew because some of the shirts are loosely woven, but i did my best to make it square and I thought it wouldn’t really show when it is all quilted and wrinkly.

Now off to do the border.

Until next time……

Quilt top – done!


This is what I was up to in some spare time I found last week. I started this quilt top ages and ages ago. I know, I say that alot, but other projects get in the way.  


I really love the colours and layout, and I just love the chocolate polka dot bricks, they really jump out at you. Next up is to piece that back, I have alot of scraps that I have started to piece into a long narrow strip, then I will have to see what I have left to do the rest.

I plan to do some free motion quilting on this and have been practising. After researching on the web I discovered that the sewing machine should be set to go quite fast and you should move the quilt with your hands at a medium speed. The results have been quite encouraging, now all I have to do is wait until I get some new thread and some quilting gloves to have a go.

Until next time


img_6049I wouldnt like to tell you just how long this took, because it would be embarrassing. But hey it’s done now. I just need to get my gorgeous husband to get it hung up on the wall. 

I hope you had a lovely Valentines day. I would show you the cake that my lovely family purchased it was a chocolate loaf cake with a chocolate ganache on top with red marzipan hearts on, however we ate it rather too quickly. And I forgot to get the camera out…oops. Never mind it was delicious. 

I will however show you these quick cards I whipped up Friday night after realising that I had forgotten about Valentines day! I really need to use that diary more to jog my frazzled brain. My 4 year old daughter was the only one to get a card from a secret admirer, although we think we know who sent it, she is adamant it wasn’t her ‘boyfriend’! (BTW – my daughter can never stop herself getting some pens out and customising – so the card on the right has her handiwork on it!)

Valentines cards

My first proper quilt

Although I am yet to finish this, (and that is going to be a wall hanging) I have started making my first proper quilt, based loosely on this. I bought some of Annette Tatum’s House fabric so long ago I felt it was about time I pulled my finger out and got to work on it.

I finally got some replacement blades for my rotary cutter, so I set about cutting all these bricks


Then I started piecing together these.


And hopefully it wont be too long before I have one snugly pretty stylish quilt to keep me warm! I will keep you updated.

Until next time….

Fabric covered notebook



I bought a boring black note book the other day and knew I could cheer it up with some of my Cath Kidston scraps. It looks so pretty sitting on my bedside table waiting for random thoughts and ideas to be jotted down on it’s pages. I always seem to have those project ideas in bed and then by morning have forgotten them – well now I won’t!


Until next time……

Another Day another gift…..

It was my Mum’s birthday on Saturday,  I made her a gift this year. She didn’t ask for anything, I just told her I was making her something. I decided on making an apron from Amy Butlers In Stitches book with a matching pot holder.


The apron was easy – despite me not knowing that there had been an errata, and the potholder was OK to make although I did adjust the patchwork on the front as I couldn’t get it to match up from the pattern – it was supposed to be ‘wonky’ so I just made squares.

Amy Butler Pot Holder Front

And my first attempt at machine binding was ripped out and I hand finished it – to save the sewing machine blushing from my barrage of bad language.

Amy Butler PotHolder back


The weekend was beautiful here in Holland, I think we were having the last few days of summer with gorgeous blue skies and warm-ish sunshine. We even went out to the beach at Noordwijk and  ate frites and icecream on the beach on sunday afternoon. Perfect.