I am thrilled that my christmas stocking is featured in an Etsy Storque article amongst such lovely items. I am feeling a lot more christmassy now after looking at all those gorgeous things. Go take a look!


Christmas shop update

I have been at a couple of fairs over the past few months selling my creations. It has been great fun to meet customers and realise that there are people out there with the same style and tastes as my own! I make things I love and hope others do too.

I have just updated my shop with some new items if anyone is looking for christmas stockings.

Or somethings to fill those stockings.

Or there are little gifts to give to teachers or as a gift for a hostess.

Thanks for stopping by and thank you for all your support. x


Now before we start the photos are shocking. It was so dark yesterday and I still can’t fathom out what to do with the camera to take better shots, although I am going to find the tripod out next time to get some clearer pictures. But it’s not going to effect the light. Oh well, I will resign myself to accepting I was never meant to be a good photographer!

Yesterday the postman rang the doorbell and delivered me a wonderful surprise. I signed up for the Stocking Full o’Cheer swap and yay my partner Elaine, who lives in the US , sent me a delightful box of goodies.


I love post and I love even more boxes with surprises in them.


The stocking is beautiful, and as expected the camera doesn’t show it well.  Elaine’s has used silver thread to blanket stitch around the edge and the little angel even has a silver wire halo. The work gone into it is incredible – I hope  she isn’t too disappointed in the one I made her!



Inside the stocking were some gifts – all wrapped….


(I realise now that I didn’t photograph what was inside this tube – but there was a large pile of paper  – all different sorts, to be used in any number of craft projects)

Elaine makes charms and there was this cute charm with a boy sledging and then this cute one below which will be a sweet keepsake.

So THANKYOU so much  – it was a lovely swap to be involved with and Elaine you have made such beautiful things. Happy Christmas!

Flowers and swapping

As promised here is a picture of the crochets flowers I made using the tutorial from Attic 24. I am now waiting for some yarn to be delivered so I can be a bit more adventurous in the colour combinations because although I like the white, I think with coloured yarn they will be gorgeous.


I have posted my goodies for the stocking full o cheer swap and when my partner receives them I will post some more pictures to show you. Here is a sneak peek.


I have never done a swap before and although it was great fun, it meant that I was distracted from doing other things which I should have been doing. I am positively useless at time management and my aim in the New Year is to improve on this….. we will see how I go.


Maybe tomorrow

The new puppy is taking up a fair bit of my time at the moment, although he does sleep a surprising amount of time, however I am constantly cleaning up after him whilst he gets toilet trained. I will hopefully get into a better routine soon and then I will be able to get upstairs to the sewing room do some work.


I joined the Stocking Full O’ Cheer Swap, and admit to not doing anything towards it, until I checked up on some of the other swappers and saw that JennBenn  had been busy making a stocking – ahh I haven’t even thought about mine, plus she has made an ornament – she’s too organised:)  So yesterday I dashed upstairs and found some fabric and ribbon and cracked on and made a couple of hanging ornaments. The stocking will have to wait, although I do have some fabric for it I just need the time. Wednesdays are a busy day because I help out at my children’s school at the lunchtime sewing club and then in the School Library. So maybe tomorrow…..