A little bit of crochet

Hello again. Sorry for the long break, but things have been busy around here. There have been birthdays, visitors, severe back pain, holidays to Normandy and the remainder of the school holidays. The time has flown really quickly, I can’t really believe we are in September.

I thought I would give you an update on my crochet. I finished my ripple blanket at the beginning of August, I will show you that soon. I can’t seem to capture the true colour though.

So I quickly ordered some new yarn, I love Rowan wool, and set too on a blanket, just like the gorgeous Lucy’s at Attic 24. I feel like I am her afghan stalker, she makes a new blanket, then so do I. I can’t help it. It’s an addiction!


Above is a pile of squares waiting to be blocked. Never blocked before, I love the result though, but I have found it to a bit fiddly. I wish I had one of those blocking boards, but we can’t have everything though can we?


Above are the blocked blocks!


You can really see the difference when they are side by side. Scrumptious colours, don’t you think?


I’m not sure how many more I need to make, but one things for sure I am going to need to order some more yarn. Yippee! Off to the yarn store, well the virtual one anyway.




I have been searching for a poncho pattern for my daughter for ages and ages. I am a cheap skate and only wanted a free one, so it was taking a great deal of time trawling the internet.

Anyway, the other day I happened across this pattern, loved the colours, ordered the yarn and picked up the crochet hook a few days later when the yarn was delivered in my post box.

crochet poncho

And ta-da. Here it is in all it’s glory. I love it. It was quick and simple to make and most importantly it is loved by my daughter.


Until next time.

Rippling ripple

As you may know I have fallen in love with crochet and spend many an evening with hook and yarn. I am sure my husband thinks I’m mad, but I don’t care, it’s fun and relaxing, and a girl needs an excuse to sit in front of the TV of an evening.


I have the Vintage Crochet book which has a ripple pattern in it, but I found it quite difficult ot get in a smooth rhythm because it requires you to go into the back of each stitch. Not easy.


Then the fabulous Lucy at Attic 24 came up with a step bt step tutorial, which didn’t require any fiddly hand maneuvers and the berry ripple was born.


A lucky find

I am almost embarrassed to admit this…

On our walk to school the other day, it was bin day (rubbish/garbage collection), and in amongst a large pile of bags there was a lovely wicker basket. After dropping the children off, I went back and rescued it from ending up at the rubbish dump. There is nothing really wrong with it, except for a small area on the handle which has come unravelled and I suppose if you wanted to use it for your groceries it would be compromised – but I had other plans for this beauty.


I gave it a good wash, then lined it with some pretty fabric I had left over from a bag project I really must show you. I am a novice at this kind of thing so I’m not too sure how long this will hold out but it does look pretty and it holds my wool whilst I decide on what i can use all the leftovers for.


The hexagons are coming along



We are back with the hexgaons again today. What do you think? A slow start? Ah, but what you might not realise is that gorgeous Cath Kidston knitting bag above, is hiding 50 of the circles which just need the final round adding to them to make them into hexagons. 


I was going to carry on and just make the circles for a while and then have one big go at adding the final round. However I ran out of wool for the centres the other day, so whilst I waited for the yarn to arrive, (which it did today) I started crocheting them together. I love them, and they go so well with my Laura Ashley footstool, don’t you think?


Until next time….

It’s taken a long time

About a year ago I made a couple of scarves for my Mum and Sister. I bought enough wool to make the same scarf for me, but after knitting the 2 for them I gave up on mine. Well the weather is getting colder and I am a slow knitter so I am dragging the knitting bag out of the dusty corner in my bedroom and having another go at it. Maybe by Christmas…..

knitting scarf

Yesterday we went to see our new puppy. They are only 6 days old and we have to wait another 7 weeks to bring him home, but one of those gorgeous velvet chocolate pups is coming to live with us. Yeah!