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All it took was just one stitch blog posted this tutorial last year – her blog has been off line due to tragic circumstances. She has got the blog back up, but it is early days. I will take this tutorial down as soon as I see that she has added it back because this is only in response to demand, there is no intention to copy or more importantly upset Rachael at this time. Thanks

pyramid doorstops



You will need 

  • Cotton Fabric
  • medium weight iron-on interfacing – if using a heavyweight cotton there is no need for this
  • ribbon, or twill tape or a tassel (I made my own – I’ll show you how later)
  • cardboard – I used a cereal box
  • ruler and pen
  • sewing machine, iron, scissors
  • rice to fill. (Please note rice can attract vermin, I have not had a problem with mine but another sewer has. You may wish to use baking beans, pea gravel, or some other non food filling which is heavy enough to stop a door)


Make a template out of cardboard.

Base 15.5cm x 15.5cm

sides: a triangle, 15.5cm base and 15.5cm peak


Cut 1 base and 4 sides out of the cotton fabric.

Cut 1 base and 4 sides out of the iron-on interfacing if using

Cut a 14cm length of ribbon, or twill tape or tassel to use as the handle. Or cut a piece of cotton fabric 10cm x 6 cm


If you are making your own handle and not using ribbon etc. Fold the 10 x 6cm piece of fabric in half length ways, wrong sides together and iron.


Open it out. Fold in the sides to the centre mark.


Fold over again so the raw edges are encased and sew along the edges


Fuse the interfacing to the cotton fabric as per packet instructions.


Join 2 triangles along one of their long edges, right sides together, with a small straight stitch

Iron your seams open

Repeat with the other 2 triangles


Join the triangles together, right sides together, placing the folded in half piece of ribbon in the centre of the peaks, inside the piece, (raw edges all facing out)


Press open the seams and clip points to reduce bulk.


With right sides together join the base, one side at a time. This bit is a bit tricky so take your time. LEave an opening along one side to turn it the right way and to fill it with the rice.

Turn your doorstop right sides out and fill with rice. Hand sew the opening closed.

Now go stop a door, your done!!

12 thoughts on “My Tutorials

  1. Hi Anita i just love this Doorstop thanks for putting it on here….i think i will be making a few out of all my material scraps….where in the Netherlands are you ? my brother, sister in law and nephews and neice live in Posterholt the Netherlands near Roermond..i love it over there…so clean and people are very nice…i live on the Isle of Wight so very different here..

    • Cipriano, thanks! Woolf is a brilliant writer but not easy to read so I can understand those unread books. I have a few myself! Yes, I’ve read Portrait of a Marriage too, fantastic books. In so many ways Vita’s and Ha&o7dr#821l;s marriage was one of convenience but they both truly loved each other too. Theirs is a a fascinating relationship.

  2. Havent sewn since school, my hubbie bought me a sewing machine for Christmas and I had a go at the doorstop! It looked great and your tutorial was fab and easy to follow even for a complete beginner like me! Many thanks

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  6. Thanks so much for the instructions! Just made one today – stoked with how it turned out. Was very quick to make and will be making more I’m sure!

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